Two houses. Twelve Sims. One million simoleons.

Such is the basis for this new reality show, The Last Sims Standing. The Sims are randomnly divided into two houses, one mansion filled with luxuries and another with only the bare neccesities. The Sims must compete in challenges to win immunity for their house, and the losing house then competes in a Head of Household challenge. The winner of this challenge then picks two Sims to put on the chopping block, and whole house sits down in the Judgment Room, where one Sim will be voted off. Once six sims have been eliminated in this fashion.

Once the sixth Sim has been voted off, the merge occurs. This is when all of the remaining Sims are sent to the luxurious mansion. At this point, the two types of challenges shift to reward challenges and personal immunity challengess. Winners of the reward challenge get some special benefits, and winners of the immunity challenges cannot be voted off. At this point, every Sim is on the chopping block elimination, so no one is safe. Every Sim voted off after the merge also gets to join the Jury. When the cast of characters has been widdled down to two, they ultimately have the choice as to who wins the Grand Prize. Also introduced after the merge is the torture chamber, a small, brightly colored room designed to punish a Sim's ememies. The winner of the immunity challenge gets to pick two other Sims,or less if they so choose, to trap in solitary confinement for a short while.

How well Sims perform in challenges depends on a number of factors. It is primarily based on skill levels, but mood and traits can also have either positive or negative influences. As this show is currently not interactive, all of the Sims in the show were created by me. However, for future seasons, I am considering the possibility of other people submitting Sims, and of giving them a chance to impact aspects of their Sim's life. If you are interested in being in Season 2, please leave a comment on this page.

This season, there are two hosts: Gerda Glam for the mansion and Grizzmelda Crume for the shack. The winner of this season will be the host of the rich house next year, and the runner up will be the poor house's host. However, the path to becoming next year's Last Sim Standing is likely to be paved with alliances, betrayal, and broken hearts? Who will win Season 1? Find out, only on The Last Sims Standing.