Saturday, September 3, 2011

Episode 1.3 - Burglars, Fire, and Victory

Grizzmelda: Previously on Last Sims Standing...
The Rich House won the first Household Immunity Challenge of the season, and avoided elimination. Sam and Rebbecca hooked up, and Marie made a deal to keep herself and her romantic partner Stewart safe: that is Stewart, Rebbecca, Sam, or herself won the HoH Competion, that they would nominate Prunella and Debra. After fighting with Debra, Prunella made an end to her alliance, only to be put up next to Debra when Stewart won the HoH. Although Debra performed better in the challenges, in the end it was Prunella who walked out the door, leaving Debra alone in a house against her. But now, the Rich House is no longer safe, and may have to evict one of their own this week. Welcome to the Last Sims Standing!

Martha: Hey, Georgia. Just checking to see that our alliance remains intact.
Georgia: Yeah. We haven't spoken in awhile, but I'll vote however you want me to.
Martha: Good. Markus and I think that with the three of us, we can control this house. But we need you're vote.
Georgia: I'll give it to you, that's for sure.

Josh: Hi, honey.
Sophie: How are you feeling?
Josh: Fine. I was thinking...We need to be more carefull. If the people here realize that we're together, one of us might be walking out the door.
Sophie: If we stick to flirting in the bathroom, no one will notice.

Joe: What's that?!
Markus: It's some sort of alarm.
Sophie: It sure is loud!

Josh: Who is that?
Martha: There's someone else in the house.
Gerda: No need to worry: the cop has it under control.
Joe: Why would a robber steal from a building with cameras on 24-7?
Markus: Publicity, I guess.
Sophie: This alarm is so loud. Hey, where's Georgia.

Georgia: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Martha: How can she sleep through this noise.
Josh: Don't ask me.

Sophie: Happy Household Immunity Day.
Josh: Did you sleep well last night?
Sophie: Yes I'm ready to win this for my house!

 Markus: I have this competion in a bag. No need to worry about anything, house. You're not losing a player this week!

Martha: Something smells delicious.
Sophie: Must be these waffles.

Josh: This music is so pretty!

Martha: I love inventing. It is such a good idea to gain skills.

Georgia: Good morning, everyone.

Georgia: Wow, this show is great!

Jason: This room is so cool: there are mirrors everywhere!

Joe: This is some good juice!

Georgia: Nom, nom, nom!

Sophie: So, Georgia, I was thinking...
Georgia: Yes?
Sophie: Look, you may not know it, but Josh and I are in an alliance. But I feel that we need more people. Would you be willing to join us? If not, and one of us need to put someone on the block, you're our target.
Georgia: I don't know. You see, I already sort of have an alliance.
Sophie: What?! With who?
Georgia: Markus and Martha. Martha is safe this week, so...
Sophie: Now, if you don't join us, and we win, we'll have no choice but to put you and Markus on the block.

Georgia: I don't know. I'll think about it.
Gerda: Time for the Household Immunity Competion!

Gerda: Welcome to the Household Immunity Competition. The house that performs better in this challenge will not have to vote someone off.For this competition, you need to cook the best meal in the allotted time. Judges will give each meal a score, and we will get an average score per meal. In the end, the house with the higher average will win. Are we ready? Let's go!

Gerda: And their off! Josh and Markus are making Autumn Salad, while Joe and Martha prepare hot dogs. Sophie is making Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Georgia prepares Mac and Cheese.

Gerda: I am so hungry, I can't wait for this challenge to be over, so I can eat!

Gerda: Georgia, I think that you're Mac and Cheese is...

Gerda: ...on fire!!!
Martha: Don't worry, I'll get it!

Martha: Good, I finally got it out. Now, time to...
Microwave: Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!

Martha: Good. They're finished.
Gerda: Time for the judging.

Gerda: Jason, you're autumn salad is a bit dull. I'll give it a three.
Jason: Aww, man.

Gerda: Nice hot dogs, Joe. Four. Sorry, Jason, that means you have not won Immunity this week.

Gerda: Wow! This is the best Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich I ever tasted! Five!
Sophie: Aww, thanks!
Gerda: Sophie, you are in the lead!

Gerda: Georgia, as you didn't finish you're dish, 0 points for you.
Georgia: It's no biggy.

Gerda: You're hot dogs are nice, Martha. Four points! That means that Sophie is still in the lead!

Gerda: Nice salad, Markus. But is it good enough to win Immunity this week?

Gerda: And the winner, with five points is...

Gerda: Sophie!
Sophie: Yeah! I survive another week.
Gerda: Sorry, Markus, with three points, you're dish didn't cut it, and that means that the "rich" house's average is 3.16! That 0 really brought it down. Now, let's tune into the "poor" house, and see if they can get higher than 3.16!

Grizzmelda: Welcome to your second Household Immunity Competion. *explains rules* The other house just finished, and their score was...
Rebbecca: Go on...
Grizzmelda: Not telling! Anyway, are you ready? Then, go!

Grizzmelda: Stewart and Rebbecca have an odd stragedy, and seem to be swapping stations.
Sam is making hot dogs, Rebbecca and Debra are making Mac and Cheese, Stewart is making Autumn Salad, and Marie is making Goopy Carbonara.

Grizzmelda: Rebbecca, it looks as though you're Mac and Cheese is burning!
Rebbecca: I never was a good chef!

Grizzmelda: And time! Is everyone finished? Good.

Grizzmelda: Marie,! Six points!
Marie: Woohoo!

Grizzmelda: Bleck! I hate salad! 3 points!

Grizzmelda: That means Marie's still in the lead! Hi, Sam. nice hotdogs. Four points!

Grizzmelda: Debra seems hungry. Which she should be after producing a Mac and Cheese worth five points!
Debra: Yeah!

Grizzmelda: Rebbecca...Your Mac and Cheese was burnt. 2 points! Which means...

Grizzmelda: Marie is the winner! And...calculating...your average is 4! 4 is higher than the "rich" house's 3.19, so, you win!
Poor House: Yay!

Rebbecca: Yeah! We won!
Sam: Yes! We are safe for the week!
Rebbecca: Come here!

Debra: Eww, gross.
Grizzmelda: They shouldn't do it in public!

Stewart: Suddenly, I'm not so hungry!

Grizzmelda: I need a second helping of that Goopy Carbonara!

Stewart: Good job on winning that for us! You sure are tasty! I mean you're cooking. You're cooking is tasty!

Rebbecca: I can't believe we won. Top ten, here I come!

Marie: I'm garuanteed a spot in at least the top nine! I'm so happy!

Debra: Time to e-mail home. Guess what? We just won a challenge!

Marie: Stewart, practice a skill, like me. We need to win competitions.

Stewart: I know. I love this sculpture.

Martha: So. We lost a competition. We need to win the HoH. If not, we're in trouble. I'm safe, but you're not...

Joe: So, Sophie, I was thinking... maybe you and I could... hook up?

Sophie: No way!
Joe: Why?
Sophie: Because Jason and I are dating! Whoops!

Joe: So, there is a secret alliance. Why didn't I notice this before? Is that what you two are always doing in the bathroom?

Sophie: So, we lost, but I'm safe.
Georgia: Martha's safe, too. She won Immunity last week, and didn't need it.

Sophie. So, if Jason or I were to win the HoH, would you ditch Martha and Markus, and join us?
Georgia: Yes. Most definitely.
Sophie: you had better not be flaky. If you betray us, we will come after you.
Georgia: If you win the HoH, and don't nominate me, I will join you.

Sophie: Jason! I was just talking to Georgia. She said that if we win and don't nominate her, she will join us. So we need to win. There's an alliance between Georgia, Markus, and Martha, and Joe doesn't like me. If anyone else wins, you are going up.
Jason: We'll stay up all night practicing if we have to.

Sophie: Let's hope the HoH takes logic. Here's to hoping!

Markus: Martha, I don't trust Georgia.
Martha: I do. I think she'll do whatever it takes to stay safe. She certainly isn't an asset to our house as a whole. If she didn't have us, she would get put up on the block.
Markus: But she's been talking to that Sophie. I think she's playing us.
Martha: Trust her. She'll come through in the end, and might be the key to winning.

Markus: I still don't like her though. Let's only keep her until the merge. Then we can get new alliance members.

Martha: If you don't like her then who am I to disagree?

Georgia: Wow. I look beautiful. I wonder who I should choose: my original alliance or Sophie and Josh. I don't know: who's the better choice?

Martha: Come on, Markus. Let's go to bed.

Jason: I'm so sleepy!
Sophie: Keep on practicing...

Sophie: Keep on practicing...

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