Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Episode 1.1- And So It Begins

Gerda: Hello, and welcome to the very first episode of Last Sims Standing. My name is Gerda Glam, and I will be a host this season, along with my counterpart, Grizzmelda Crume. Now, before the season even begins, you might want to check the "About" page to learn the rules, and the "Cast" page to learn about the competitors. Got it? Ready? Good, because here we go.

Grizzmelda: Before the competitors even met each other, they were given a choice: 1 or 2? Those who picked 1 were sent to a rather ugly house, which I will be supervising. Those who picked 2 were sent to a luxurious mansion. At some point, both houses will merge, and all contestants will live together in the "rich" house, supervised by Gerda. After the merge, those voted off will be sent to the "poor" house, and join the jury, where they ultimitely have to choose who wins the money, a million simoleons. There. That's about as brushed up as you can get on the rules. We have a schedule to keep, you know.

Gerda: So, are you ready to bring in the contestants. We'll start at the "poor" house, where Grizzmelda is waiting for them.


Grizzmelda: At my house, the first Sim that we will be meeting is Rebbecca Read! Rebbecca is hardworking, a bookworm, and to the point. She would like to tell her competition to watch out, because she's coming on strong!

Gerda: And next we have Prunella Trit, a self-obsessed snob! She longs to be a fashion designer, and has yet to come to the realization that her fashion sense is, well, hideous. She would like to tell her competition that she is the best, and if they have the nerve to suggest otherwise, they deserve to be voted off.

Grizzmelda: The next contestant we will meet is Marie Goldie! Marie is a golddigger who joined this show in the hopes of meeting a wealthy young man to bring home with her. We shall see if she suceeds at her goal! Marie would like to tell her competitors that she is curious about their finacial situation.

Gerda: And now we have Sam Freit! Sam is charismatic and flirty, but annoy him, and his dark undertones will come through. We shall see if someone will be able to bring Sam out of his shell this season, and make him be happy. Sam would like to tell his competion that he's coming on strong!

Grizzmelda: Next comes Stewart Griffin. Stewart is, well, Stewart. He's a bit of a computer whiz, but other than that many consider him useless. Although he might appear weak, there's more to Stewart than meets the eye. Stewart would like to tell his competition that he will be loyal, and a valuable asset to any alliance, so please don't vote him off the first week.

Gerda: And the final member of the poor house is Debra Devra. Debra is evil, and she plans on causing as much mischief as possible among her house. She would like to tell her competition that if they blindside her, she will...attack them.

Marie: So, you're our host right. Does that mean you get to pick who wins?
Grizzmelda: No, actually they do it?
Marie: *mumbles under breath* Drats!
Prunella: Who?
Grizzmelda: Why your competition, of course! You vote!
Marie: Hey, Pruney, I love you're hair!
Prunella: Right back attcha Goldfish.

Gerda: And so everything settles down at the 'poor' house, while back at the "rich" house, things are just getting started!

Gerda: To start, allow me to introduce Martha Muzzle! Martha is going through a recent divorce and is the only one to support her seventeen kids. Marthat left the kids at her mother's, and she hopes to find money and romance while participating in this show. She would like to warn her competition of her skills, saying that she will probably "win the very first challenge".

Grizzmelda: And here is Markus Harrison! Markus is a workaholic with a questionable past. He has been said to have had a dsyfunctional family life, although the exact state of his family is unknown. Markus would like to tell his competitors that he is "in it to win it". He does not think he can lose. Not now. Not never.

Gerda: Next we have Georgia Clott, a lazy couch potatoe. She she's very little point to the stuff that the general public calls "learning". She would much rather lay around, watch T.V., and waste time. She would like to tell her  competitors not to vote her off, as she isn't a threat.

Grizzmelda: Next is Sophie Croppen. Sophie is a good, ecofriendly Sim. She tries to treat others with curtisy and respect, even if they don't do the same. However, she also doubts herself, and might be a guillable target for a meaner Sim. She would like to tell her competition that she is a decent competitor, and is ready to at least attempt to get to at least the top 10. Big goal, Sophie. There are 12 competitors.

Gerda: Then comes Joe Glo. Joe is a rockstar, or at least in his own mind. Joe hopes to suceed, and has utter confidence in all of his skills. However, although, when he thinks of it, he does practice his guitar, he regularly doesn't think of it, and that could lead his skill to get out of shape. Joe would like to tell his competition to watch out, because he's "totally going to win this."

Grizzmelda: And here is Jason Cameron, a superconfident football player with dreams of becoming a professional athlete. He is willing to work for his goals, but has a heart of steel. Jason will do anything to accomplish the task at hand, even if it means betraying the ones he loves. Jason would like to tell his competition that the game "is on". So, now that you know everyone, let's get the game started up at the "poor" house!

Gerda: I'm here!
Sophie: Looks like our host!
Markus: Pleased to meet you, ma'am.
Gerda: Please, please, just because a *louder* famous ex-model *back to normal tones* is here doesn't mean you have to do anything out of the ordinary. Act like you aren't on T.V. It will help things feel more natural! Take a page out of Georgia's book!

Georgia: Oh, fascinating! It's teaching me how to make eighty varieties of doughnuts! Wow, I do love doughnuts!

Gerda: Or what if you earned some skills that might be useful in potential future challenges, like Joe?
Joe: You're a tr-ue-ue-ue friend, you're here 'til the end!

Gerda: You, see Jason's taking my adivice!
Jason: Only five hours more!

Gerda: Slowly but surely, everyone is settling into their new home!

Sam: Hey, Rebbecca, you're looking especially...pretty today. You know, you and I should be in an alliance together. We could take out all of these...
Debra: Boo!
Sam: Debra, you little...
Rebbecca: Sam?
Sam: *sigh* Yes?
Rebbecca: Sam, I'm not in this game to make friends and flirt. I am in this game to win this game. Nothing, nothing is going to cause me to stray from my goal.
Sam: But, Rebbecca! We could be perfect together.
Rebbecca: I guess, but...
Debra: Sam doesn't look like he's going to give up! I need to form an alliance quick! Maybe I can get one of them out before an alliance forms!


Marie: So, hostess-woman-creature, umm, do you long this competition will wind up lasting?
Grizzmelda: That, my dear, is classified information. So classified, in fact, that I can't even tell you! Muhahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Marie: Whatever, crazy lady

Debra: Hmm, what to do about those alliances? Who can I join with? Well, Sam already doesn't like me because I concocted a harmless little prank...idiot. And he's after Rebbecca, so trying to join her is a bad idea. So that leaves Marie, Stewart, and Prunella for my pre-merge alliance. What to do?

Prunella: I am sure that my stunning good looks will cause anyone to like me, and want to join an alliance! I'll be getting offers by the dozens! I just need for people to start going into gameplay mode!

Stewart: So, based on the current level of conflict, my competittion only fights 86 percent of the time. If that number doesn't rise, I'll need to cause a little mischeif.

Rebbecca: Gaining skills seems to be important in this gameshow. I'm sure that spending as much time as possible painting is sure to increase my skill level.
Grizzmelda: Time to assign roommates!

Grizzmelda: In the first room, we have Debra and Rebbeca!
Rebbecca: Hello, pleased to meet you, Debra!
Debra: Oh, great!

Grizzmelda: In the second room, we have Prunella and Sam!
Prunella: So, Sam are you going to ask me something? Perhaps about an alliance?
Sam: Umm, I don't think so, Pruney.
Prunella: Don't...call...me...Pruney!
Sam: No need to get angry, Prune.

Grizzmelda: And in the final room we have Marie and Stewart!
Marie: Hi, I mean, hi! How are you?
Stewart: *blushes* So, you're Marie?
Marie: Yeah, and you're...
Stewart: Stewart. And, you are looking very...pretty today.

Marie: You are too, Stewart! You and me, we could make a good alliance!
Stewart: Great, I mean, great! Really great, really really great. I'd like that.
Marie: I would too! Provided that you're rich.
Stewart: Rich, me, yeah. My great aunt just died, so I have a ton of money coming my way!
Marie: Money! Great, so we're in an alliance.
Stewart: So we are. Gorgeous.

Gerda: Meanwhile, back at the "rich" house,

Martha: Zombie-demon-pig-trolls! They're everywhere! Take that, and that!

Markus: So, Georgia, I was thinking, and, logically, it would make sense for us to team up.
Georgia: Team up?
Markus: Yes. I currently seems like I am going to be the overachieving Sim, the one that no one wants to sit with in the end.
Georgia: And?
Markus: And you will be that lazy Sim that sort of...floats along. You'll go unnoticed at first, but then you'll annoy someone and poof: you'll be gone.
Georgia: You're point? You're wasting my valuable time.
Markus: For watching T.V.?
Georgia: Yes?!
Markus: Anyway, I'll be a threat, so they'll try to get me out, and you'll just...be and not deserve it, so they'll be after you, so we should just team up, and get out them! Our only chance is to stick together! Do you understand?
Georgia: Um, sort of.
Markus: So you'll join me.
Georgia: Umm, I guess.
Markus: You don't sound very confident.
Georgia: Do I look confident?
Martha: No where are you little...ahh! You're everywher! Don't eat me!

Sophie: So, hi. You're Jason, right.
Jason: Yes. And you're Sophie.
Sophie: Yes. So I was thinking...what about an alliance.
Jason: Well, I guess. You are pretty cute.

Markus: You've gotta keep on workin'!

Martha: Gottcha, no missed you!

Jason: Oo la la. This is great.
Sophie: I guess we're the first romance in the game!

Markus: Hey, Martha! Hey, I've been looking around, and it seems that you have been playing on the video-thing for quite a while now.
Martha: Was I? It only seemed like a minute. I mean, always wanted some of those goggles, and... I haven't blown it yet have I?
Markus: Not quite. You've missed a bit of...alliance-forming, but I just saw a good oppurtunity for us both.
Martha: Really? You want to...join an alliance?
Markus: Actually, I already have an alliance. With Georgia. But I would be happy to add you to that if you want.
Martha: Really? Thank you, thank you. From now on, I promise, I will work hard, gain skills, and never go near that awful video game.
Markus: So you, me, and Georgia. How does that sound?
Martha: It sounds like the makings of a good alliance.

Grizzmelda: Meanwhile, at the other house...

Sam: So, this show is really cool, huh?
Prunella: Yeah, whatever.

Grizzmelda: What are you doing in my bed!

Grizzmelda: How dare you, Rebbecca?
Rebbecca: Oh, go ahead: blame me! I'm an easy target!
Grizzmelda: Well, I can tell you that I, for one, will be very disappointed should you win.
Rebbecca: Of all people, why must you be our host?!

Sam: I told you, it's a great show.
Prunella: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! That's all you ever do: blah! That is one of you're biggest personality flaws!
Sam: You think so! Oh, come her you little ****!
Prunella: Bring it!

Prunella: Ah! Stop, stop, you're hurting me!
Sam: Serves you right!
Grizzmelda: Wow, our season's really getting interesting!

Rebbecca: La, la, la, la, la--ah! Why must I always burn everything I bake!

Marie: Ha! Let me show you how it's done!

Marie: Voila! A perfect salad!
Rebbecca: Bragger!

Debra: Hmm, if I...but if I...at least I'm gaining a skill!

Marie: Aww, Stewart, you're so cute!
Stewart: Not as cute as you!
Debra: Well, it's looks as though they're officially in an alliance!

Grizzmelda: I'm hungry, but I can't figure out how to open this crazy contraption's handle, and I don't know how to cook with this food that someone left out! I'm doomed! I'll--wait! Is that salad? Don't put it away, Prunella!
Prunella: Whatever, weirdo.

Rebbecca: My painting's really coming along! I can't wait to finish it! Well goodnight, everyone!

Prunella: Uh, sculpting is not my thing! But I have to learn some skills! I guess I'll wind up working late into the night!

Gerda: And so almost everyone winds up in bed, except for my cohost!

Grizzmelda: Oh! It's pull, ont push! My bad! Well, goodnight!

Debra: So, Prunella, it seems that everyone else has an alliance.
Prunella: The only alliance I know of is Stewart and Marie's! Have Rebbecca and Sam joined up?
Debra: Not yet, but I think they're on their way. We need to get them out before they have to oppurtunity to team up.
Prunella: So, you want an alliance.
Debra: I think that, to stay alive, it's in both of our best iterests!
Prunella: It's about time that somebody asked me! I kew it would come around! And yes, since you asked first, I will join you: for now!
Debra: That's exactly what I was hoping for!

Grizzmelda: Meanwhile, at the other house...

Markus: So, Georgia, I decided that, for strength, we should add another person to our alliance, and I chose Martha.
Georgia: So, we have three people now?
Martha: Yes.
Georgia: Woohoo! We'll make it to the top three!
Markus: That's my hope. And we're sure to be able to get rid of all of the other alliances.
Martha: This is going to work perfectly!

Sophie: Well, goodnight, Jason. I really enjoyed meeting you.
Jason: Right back attcha, Sophie.
Gerda: Guests, it's time for you to pick you're rooms. As you get the better house, you will not be assigned.

Sophie: Jason, want to sleep in my room?
Jason: Sure.

Markus: Why don't you sleep with me, Martha?
Martha: O.K.

Georgia: I guess that means that I'm left with Joe.
Joe: Totally.
Georgia: Great. My alliance ditched me, and I'm left with a guy whose best friend is a guitar! Thanks, guys!

Sophie: Goodnight!
Jason: Goodnight!
Martha: Goodnight!
Georgia: Goodnight!
Joe: Goodnight!
Markus: Goodnight

Rebbecca: Goodnight!
Prunella: Goodnight!
Stewart: Goodnight!
Sam: Goodnight!
Debra: Goodnight
Marie: Goodnight!

Grizzmelda: And so both houses slip into a sort of peace.
Gerda: And the first day of Last Sims Standing ends well.

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