Sunday, August 14, 2011

Episode 1.2- The First To Go

Gerda: Previously on the Last Sims Standing.

The first season started, and we met the twelve competitors for the show. All of the contestants were put in one of two houses. Rebbeca, Prunella, Marie, Sam, Stewart, Debra, Martha, Markus, Georgia, Joe, Sophie, and Jason all think they have what it takes to win it all. New alliances were formed between Martha, Markus, and Georgia, Prunella and Debra, Sophie and Jason, and Marie and Stewart. Sophie and Jason became the first romance of the season, followed closely by Marie and Stewart. Rebbecca rejected Sam's romantic interactions, but Sam was far from giving up. Afraid that they would wind up the only one's without an alliance, Debra and Prunella teamed up. Prunella and Sam got into a bit of a "quarrel", leaving Prunella in a foul mood. This week, the competions start, as the houses face off against each other to avoid ellimination. Who will be elliminated today? And who will join the ranks of the Last Sims Standing?

Jason: Good morning, beautiful.
Sophie: Oh, Jason!
Jason: Ready for a full day of competitions?
Sophie: I guess. Are you?
Gerda: Please meet outside for your first ever Household Immunity Challenge!
Everyone: Yay!
Georgia: So early? It's like seven o'clock. In the morning.
Gerda: Then I hope you slept well.
Joe: I am not a morning person!

Gerda: So, as this is you're first Household Immunity Challenge, let me explain how this works. You're goal is to win immunity for your house and for yourself. The house that performs worst in this challenge will have to vote someone off of the game from their house before the day is through. The players who perform best in this challenge will gain Immunity. Immunity is good for the next two eliminations, then it expires. It can only be used once. You have no chance of going home this elimination if you have immunity, and if your team wins, you won't go home next elimination either. Does everyone understand how Household Immunity Challenges work?
Everyone: Yes!!
Gerda: Good. Now, for this challenge, you will be running on treadmills. Every member of your team counts. Because, in the end, the team whose average amount of miles run per player is the winner. The player who runs the most on each team will gain Immunity.
Everyone: Woo!

Gerda: Ready, get set, GO!!!!!!!!!!

Gerda: And they're off! There is a lot at stake in this challenge, who will come through for their team?

Georgia: Ugh, I can't do this anymore. Running is not my thing.
Gerda: Clearly. Georgia, you're out.

Joe: I'm getting so hungry! I missed breakfast.
Markus: I know, me too.

Joe: Yeah, I totally quit. No one should have to jog on a treadmill before breakfast.
Gerda: You sure? Okay, Joe, you're out.

Markus: I quit, too. I'm sooooooooooooo hungry.
Gerda: You know best.

Gerda: And just like that we're down to three competitors: Sophie, Joe, and Martha.

Sophie: Joe, I'm really hungry. Can you win for me?
Joe: I'll do my best.
Sophie: Alright, I'm getting off.
Gerda: Good try, Sophie.

Joe: I can't do it! I've gotta pee soooooooo badly. Must...keep....I'm not going to pee myself on national T.V. It kills me to say this, but I quit! Argh!
Gerda: It looks like we have a winner!

Gerda: Jogging her way into first place...

Gerda: ...we have MARTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerda: Martha, how does it feel to be the first Immunity winner from you're house?
Martha: It feels great. I really need the money, but worried that I wouldn't make it. This early win really proves something to myself.
Gerda: Well, you're safe for at least one more week. Now, over to the other house house, where the competion is just starting.

Grizzmelda: Welcome, contestants, to your first ever Household Immunity Challenge. *explains the rules* So, if your house doesn't make it, you will have to vote someone off. Is that clear?
Everyone: Yes!
Grizzmelda: Okay, you can start!

Prunella: I'm sorry, Grizzy, but I don't jog. Then, I get all sweaty, my makeup runs, and...eww!

Marie: Yeah, I don't jog either. Only idiots work out.

Grizzmelda: And just like that, we lost two competitors before the competition even started. You can leave the competion area.

Stewart: I'm so tired...I give up.
Grizzmelda: Very well, Stewart.

Grizzmelda: Only three remain: Who will triumph at this challenge?

Debra: This is awfull! I'm out!
Grizzmelda: Bye-bye, Debra.
Sam: Looks like it's just me and you.
Rebbeca: Yeah, I guess.

Rebbecca: Correction-just you. I'm out!

Sam: Woo-hoo! I knew I could do it!

Grizzmelda: We have a winner!

Grizzmelda: *sarcastically* Congratulations, bluh, bluh, bluh, nice work, yada, yada, yada, I need to make myself a sandwich. Oh, and by the way. You guys lost. The team ran more miles than you. One of you is going home.
Poor House: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Rebbecca: So, congratulations. Good job. It's a bummer about losing, though.
Sam:  Yeah. You really are adorable.
Rebbecca: Thanks, but...

Sam: I love you're eyes.
Rebbecca: You're not bad-looking yourself, but
Sam: Wanna be in an alliance?
Rebbecca: I shouldn't...but why not?

Rebbecca: Pretty close alliance we've...oh!

Marie: So, Sam, I noticed you and Rebbeca kissing out by the treadmills. I sense an alliance.
Sam: Yeah, but it's not like I go around flirting with someone, just for their money, like you do to Stewart.

Marie: Touche (2 shay). But, as we lost, one of us is going home, and they is nothing we can do about it. However, we can control who goes home very easily. Neither of us wants it to be us or our partners. That leaves only two people to evict: Debra and Prunella. Debra is dangerous, Prunella isn't as much. But either one could go home, and I would be happy. So, if you, me, Rebbeca, or Stewart win the Head Of Household, what do you say we nominate Debra and Prunella. I prefer the odds of them going up being 4 out of 6 instead of 2 out of 6. And you already have one victory under you're belt. So what do you say?

Sam: For my sake, and Rebbecca's sake, I have to agree, Goldie. But just so we're clear, this isn't an alliance. It's a temperary agreement between two people, subject to change at any moment.

Marie: So, you agree?

Sam: Yes. Yes, I do.

Rebbeca: I do love painting. Skill-gaining seems to be important to winning this show, so I want as many skills as possible.

Marie: Looking good, handsome.
Stewart: Ooo, you...are...
Marie: Yes...
Stewart: Gorgeous.

Marie: Ooooooooooooooo!

Prunella: Time to...aaaaaaah!

Prunella: ******! Beauty Queens never pee themselves!

Debra: Ha! You wet yourself, you ******!

Prunella: *****! How dare you, *****! You're a ***, you know that!

Debra: Oh, ha ha ha. ******* stop it, you *** of a **** ******* ****!

Debra: Come here, you ****! Take that! And that!

Prunella: Oww! What the *******! *********! You can't....
Debra: Can't I?! *****, you ***.

Prunella: I thought we were in a ******** alliance, you ******** ***!
Debra: Well, know what?! That's through! I hope that someone ****** nominates you today, so I can kiss you're sorry *** goodbye!
Prunella: **************!

Rebbecca: Ah, drama! I'm glad I'm not involved. Well, good night everyone.

Marie: They can fight all they want...

Marie: One of them is going home! Well, goodnight!
Everyone: Goodnight! See you in the morning.

Grizzmelda: Good morning, everyone.
Stewart: Look at the stars: so pretty. Marie, you have to see this!
Grizzmelda: Time for your first Head of Household Challenge. Please report to the challenge

Sam: This can't be good.
Marie: This doesn't look fun.

Grizzmelda: This challenge is a game of complete chance.
Rebbecca: Great: so we have no impact on who wins.
Grizzmelda: No you don't.

Grizzmelda: You will each enter one of the very colorful doors. Which door you enter is up to you. I will have my back turned, and lock one door at a time, randomly. Once five doors have been locked, you will all try to get out. The one unlcoked door will become the Head Of Household, with the power to nominate two competitors for eviction. Are you ready?
Everyone: Yes!

Grizzmelda: GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerda: Unknown to Grizzmelda, Stewart is behind the red door, Rebbecca behind the orange, Debra is behind the yellow door, Sam the green door, Prunella the blue door, and Marie the green door.

Grizzmelda: Let's start by getting rid of the orange door, because orange is an ugly color.

Gerda: Rebbecca's out.

Grizzmelda: Blue because it's my favorite color, and might attract a greedy type of person.

Gerda: So long, Prunella.

Grizzmelda: Purple because that's the closest color here to blue and it's the opposite of orange.

Gerda: Marie's gone.

Grizzmelda: Green because I don't know why.

Gerda: Sam's out. There are only two more competitors left...

Gerda: Debra...

Gerda: ...and Stewart...Who will win?
Grizzmelda: The last door I will lock is...

Grizzmelda: You can come out now...and we have a winner...

Grizzmelda: Stewart! Stewart, now it is time to pick your nominations. You cannot pick Sam, because he has Immunity, but everyone else is fair game. Unlock the doors of those who you want to save.

Stewart: Well, of course Sam is safe, because he has Immunity.

Stewart: Besides him, I pick Marie, behind the purple door.

Marie: Thanks, honey.

Stewart: And Rebbecca, behind the orange door.

Rebbecca: Thank you, Stewart.

Stewart: Meaning that I have nominated you, Prunella, and you, Debra, for eviction.

Stewart: Prunella, you are a horrible person. You were nasty to multiple people, and seem pretty rude, and conceited.
Prunella: **** you, ***.

Stewart: And Debra, you are sneaky and mean. Not a very good combination. I think that if we let you stay to long, you might cause mischeif.

Stewart: Please don't get mad at me. Those are my final nominees.
Grizzmelda: That means that, before the day is through, either Prunella or Debra will be going home. Now, let's go back to the house.
Sam: Lets.

Prunella: Is someone going to let us out of these. Someone? Anyone? ****** you, Stewart. **** you!

Sam: So, Goldie. Who are you voting for?
Marie: Debra. She's more dangerous.
Sam: Really? 'Cause Pruney really pisses me off. Can't we vote her out? We can get Debra next time. Sure, she's annoying, but not as much.
Marie: I don't know. There might not be a next time. What if Debra gets into power next time. You can bet that she'll target one of us: Stewart and me or Rebbecca and you.
Sam: Prunella would do the same.
Marie: But she's not as much of a threat.
Sam: Neither of them have done very well in challenges. They didn't come in very close to first on the treadmill challenge.
Marie: But Debra did better.
Sam: But Pruney's more obnoxious.
Marie: I don't know. We had better decide quick, though.

Debra: So, it's you and me, Pruney.
Prunella: Lucky for me, you did better in the challenges.
Debra: Lucky for me you're more annoying.
Prunella: Lucky for me you're strong!
Debra: Lucky for me, you're a ****!

Sam: So we survive another day, Rebbecca.
Rebbecca: So we do, Sam. Who are we voting for?
Sam: I think I know...*whispers*
Rebbecca: I agree. And Stewart, as Head of Household, isn't voting, so we know who's going home!

Rebbecca: Look, Sam-I painted Prunella!
Grizzmelda: It's time-report to the Judgment Room!

Grizzmelda: Please, settle down.
Debra: Why are you wearing you're bathing suit?
Grizzmelda: Comfortable.

Grizzmelda: We're all here? Good. Let's begin.

Grizzmelda: Welcome to the Eviction Ceremony. Who will be evicted today- Debra or Prunella? Let's start the voting. Please write the name of you're vote down, and put it in this box. I will read the votes in random order.

Grizzmelda: Stewart, as Head of Household, you will not vote. Marie, start the voting.

Marie: Here you go.
Grizzmelda: Rebbecca, your turn.

Rebbecca: That's my vote.
Grizzmelda: Sam, vote now.

Sam: I've decided. Take my vote.
Grizzmelda: Time for a reading of the votes. First vote- Debra.

Grizzmelda: 1 vote Debra. Debra, you need one vote more to be evicted. Second vote-Prunella.
Prunella: ****!

Grizzmelda: 1 vote Debra, 1 vote Prunella, 1 vote left. And the first person evicted from Last Sims Standing is...

Grizzmelda: Prunella!
Prunella: What the ****!

Prunella: I trusted you--all of you!

Grizzmelda: It's time to exstinguish one of this house's lights.
Prunella: *****!

Grizzmelda: So only five are still glowing.
Prunella: I refuse to go out like this! ****!

Prunella: Well, you made a big mistake tonight. You probably won't get another chance to evict Debra, and then you'll be sorry. Oh, who voted for me. Was it you, Rebbecca? ****! You always were a ***, you know! And you, Sam! You lousy no-good *****! I'll get you! I'll get you all! You will always regret the day that you messed with Prunella Eleanor Trit. ****! ************************! ****! **********!

Grizzmelda: Prunella, it's time to leave.
Prunella: Yeah?! Well, I'm going out with a bang! Bang! Bang! I will climb in your windows! I will bite your heads off! I will make off with your children in the night! You ***** better watch your ***** backs because I will always be after you. Even you "Grizzmelda"! Even whoever voted for Debra!

Grizzmelda: Security!


*awkward silence*

Grizzmelda: This elimination made it clear that some people prefer their competitors to be at least somewhat friendly, as opposed to weak.
Debra: Hey! I'm not friendly or weak!
Grizzmelda: Somewhat. Good night, house guests.

Grizzmelda: Sleep tight.

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